Achieve A&P Certification with The Industry Experts at Carolina Aeronautical

Simpsonville, SC-based aeronautical training school, Carolina Aeronautical is now inviting students to review their range of A&P certification courses. The school’s certification options include their Commercial 18-day A&P Exam Prep with Sheet Metal Training course. As part of this training program, students will be taught the many concepts highlighted within the A&P certification exam, as well as gain a significant understanding on how to maintain and repair sheet metal within the leading aircraft models. It’s a complete training course designed for the ambitious aeronautical student.

Within the aviation field, students must commit to the A&P certification process in order to succeed within their careers. A&P certification can help students gain a position at the top MROs within the industry, and to move forward in proving their abilities to other prospective employers. Now, the team at the Carolina Aeronautical student is offering students an A&P certification course that combines exam guidance with the latest information and training on sheet metal maintenance.

The school’s rounded training course will ensure students are exceptionally well prepared for their exams in the coming year. It’s a course taught by respected instructors who will provide hands-on guidance at each step in the training process. Students will have a significant amount of one-on-one time with their instructor in order to fine-tune their understanding on the latest technical concepts. It’s a comprehensive course option for students across the country!

To discover more on the latest courses offered by Carolina Aeronautical in 2016, please contact their team at 888-878-4443 or visit their school website at